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​New Entrepreneurs supported by Moonshots

The following businesses are endorsed by Moonshots and have been assessed and approved by the government with a Federal 188E Entrepreneur visa.

Ghilavi Green Farm

Field of Industry: Agriculture


Description: Saffron Cultivation in Vertical Farming

Saffron  is  the  most  expensive  agricultural  product,  a valuable and useful plant that requires little water to grow. Saffron cultivation has been traditionally done in Iran for many years, and now we intend to take a new step towards increasing production and generating income by using modern knowledge and combining tradition and modernity. For the first time in Europe, I have successfully grown saffron in vertical farming.  I also plan to do this for the first time in Australia.  Due to the high value of saffron, its cultivation and processing will be very profitable in Australia, and in addition to the domestic market, the export of the product is also possible because in vertical farming  it  is possible  to  cultivate  a  large number  of bulbs  in  a  limited  cultivation environment.



Mahadev Logistics

Field of Industry: Logistics



We primarily provide bulk transportation services, warehousing and storage logistics (including services for third party logistics to both state and inter- state destinations) for a mix of medium-sized and large organisations. including essential commodities such as building supplies, FMCG products, packaging, products, etc. We plan to implement a new integrated project by incorporating the following into the ongoing operations of the business: • Vehicle maintenance/repair services and • warehousing into the normal transport business.


Container Yard_edited.jpg

Nano Gard 
Nano Silver Hand Sanitizer

Field of Industry: Technology



 Human beings have used silver to treat various ailments for over 100 years due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. In Australia, it is still common for indigenous people to put a piece of silver in their water tanks to prevent corruption and Ancient Europeans used silver utensils to prevent food poisoning. 


In modern times, silver water filters and tablets have been introduced for homes, companies,  schools, colleges, Food places and airlines. 


In the electric ionization method, silver and copper  ions are used instead of chlorine to disinfect  swimming pools. 


More than 50 silver-based oral and injectable  

drugs exist n the market today.


Screenshot 2022-09-21 225027_edited.jpg


Field of Industry: Digital Property Documentation



Aims to develop a digital property documentation platform to help property owners & property managers to keep records of repair, renovation & construction activities digitally. DigiState also will connect tradies & contractors and help them digitally assign repair, renovation & construction activities done on the properties registered on DigiState.


Kariyawasam Don Srilal Weerasinghe

Field of Industry: Activated Carbon



Plan to set up the following Activated Carbon industry in Australia.

Our target market would be the Australian wine industry, and we intend to introduce new technology for wine decolorization, and also have plans to export wine de-colorization carbon to New Zealand.


Gold mines (gold recovery) would be our prospective business once we establish our company in Australia. We intend to export gold recovery carbon from our warehouse in Australia to goldmines in Papua New Guinea, and this will benefit and generate foreign revenue for the Australian economy.


Focus on water and wastewater treatment, portable water treatment where we would supply water treatment carbon from our Australian company to domestic municipal water treatment plants as well as export to New Zealand.


We intend to supply air purification personal protective equipment, gasmask, facemask (carbontoHEPAfiltersandgasmasks), and medical applications (dialysis machines).


Field of Industry: Digital Marketing



The first unified digital marketing, loyalty and payment platform for cafe.


Screenshot 2022-09-21 231137.png

Cultivated Fishmeal

Field of Industry: Aquaculture



The production of fishmeal and oil has expanded rapidly in the past few years. The primary species for the fishmeal and oil industry are round and flat sardinella (Sardinella aurita and S. maderensis) and bonga (Ethmalosa fimbriata) which are essential to food security and livelihoods in fishing communities.


Screenshot 2022-09-21 231011.png

Dr. Fahimeh Mirakhorloo

Field of Industry: Treatment Suggestion to Healthcare Professionals



Ms. Mirakhorloo aims to launch a platform that provides diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment suggestions to various healthcare professionals, specifically dentists and dental hygienists.


Mud Crab One

Field of Industry: Agriculture



Mud Crab Farming in a Warehouse will be innovative & disruptive Mud Crab Farming in a Warehouse will be the first mud Crab Farm in a Controlled Environment in Australia and in South AustraliaØMud Crab Farming in a Warehouse will enable us to establish 20 Feet Container Street Kitchens across South Australia at a various location similar to the Small Crab Cooking Centre's in Singapore (Newton Centre)ØMud Crab Farming in a Warehouse will create a new Export Market from South Australia.


Kiran Pitch Deck Template Final_edited.j

International Student Cloud Kitchen

Field of Industry: Service Sector - Food Service


With the rapidly growing online business, the market that is gaining momentum now is”Home/Office delivery -Quality Food". A cloud kitchen is a virtual restaurant. All orders are online. Food is delivered to the home/Offices. It has low investment. 



Fast Hub

Field of Industry: Advertising


Creating a smart and integrated advertising platform at the level of local stores and small businesses to connect customers and their needs to each other.

There are many businesses and stores around us that have one or more TVs in their environment and often with a  flash drive always on and playing promotional videos of their products,  and  These videos are always repeated.  This is a  unique advertising capacity that is wasted incorrectly. Imagine being able to connect all of these TVs or even provide the customer with a TV that does not require flash memory and is connected to an intelligent network of customers and targeted advertising based on the type of business you and your competitors. Distribute both in your environment and in the environment of other businesses and stores that have allowed the installation of FASTHUB. In this way, you suggest to the customer that in exchange for using the capacity of his space, Share an arena.




Field of Industry: Business Planning Services


ZISC Ltd. provides a managerial and operational system, to help companies to make on-time & optimal decisions and perform their operations more efficiently and easily.

A general view of the intended startup involves a comprehensive system to be used for all projects and businesses from the time of their birth to the end of their life (activity span). This system provides consultation and support websites together with a set of complementary software.



Field of Industry: Fitness Application


A user-friendly health and fitness Application, which allows fitness trainers and sports instructors to register and provide exercise videos and educational content specifically designed to engage trainees in achieving their health and fitness goals. Users and trainees can find a variety of sports instructors and learn through their goal-oriented video training packages. Our mission is to expand the culture of daily and routine exercise by creating a platform, which bypasses all the limitations and problems. Our business goal is to be impressive in terms of the health of everyone and decrease illnesses as a matter of today’s sedentary lifestyles among the majority of people and help instructors to expand their market and create passive income through this application.

WFHome Concept


Field of Industry: Principal anchor for entrepreneurship, remote work, and community learning in Australia.



A glimpse into a future that integrates innovation, wellbeing, and community to achieve better outcomes for everyone. Our flagship space, HOME5000, aims to strengthen Adelaide as the principal anchor for entrepreneurship, remote work, and community learning in Australia. Once completed, HOME5000 will comprise flexible workspaces to suit every need; an event space and library open to the community; an incubation center for start-ups looking to grow; and a childcare center for working parents. It will also feature a fully equipped kitchen, and regular meditation and yoga sessions to promote health and mindfulness among members.

Screenshot 2022-06-29 161722.gif

Drinking Water Treatment Sludge to Brick

Field of Industry: Water Treatment



Is a typical by-product of the drinking water treatment industry generated because of purification processes such as filtration and sedimentation.

DWTS is currently regarded as a relatively benign waste product environmental costs associated with current disposal practices such as the consumption of landfill capacity not taken into account.



Kariyawasam Dona Devni Chirathma Weerasinghe

Field of Industry: Dehydrated Fruits Manufacturing



Fruits and vegetables are the most important products in agriculture sector. As it contains high level of nutritional factors that needs to be preserved. Keeping the products fresh is the best way to maintain its nutritional value. But, fruits and vegetables are seasonal in nature and due to their low shelf life after harvest they are sold in the markets at very low prices. There is a considerable surplus of these fruits and vegetables which can be processed (dehydrated) for consumption during off-season. In addition to that there is a high level of demand in world market for dehydrated fruits and vegetables as it does not contain any artificial components and now people used to add these natural dehydrated fruits and vegetables to their meals.

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