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Nano Reactors


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Richard Tacker Reactor Built by Richard for Sony

Nano Reactors are the future in Australia.

Richard Tacker has designed a state of the art Reactors to make Nanopowders.

MoU  has been signed to bring in these reactors to Australia 


Request made to the  SA Government for 

  • $ 1 million to launch 2 Reactors in South Australia. Will require about $ 200000 to manufacture 2 mini reactors for the University. (not yet approved)

  • $ 2 m to launch 2 reactors in Australia and 2 in Silicon Valley. (not yet approved)


  • Surface Sanitizer to replace Alcohol, Peroxide, and chlorine base sanitizer

  • Swimming Pools - nano Silver Aqueous solution to replace Chlorine

  • Paint - Nano Copper Aqueous Solution to be added to water-based paint - Anti Bacterial Paint 

  • Anti-dust coating for Solar Panels.

      Lab Test   commences in India next week

Funds are required for the pilot project.

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