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Investing in the Future of South Australia


Why? How? What?

At Moonshots we're for the doers, not the talkers. Where grown-ups meet start-ups to produce

globally investable scale-ups. That's what we exist for. And that's our passion. Why is that? 


Because we want to grow the economy of South Australia, we want to grow the population of South Australia. We're all about growth. And when you think about it, start-ups are the ones that actually grow jobs that grow investments that grow the economy. And there are proven statistics around that from the OECD. 


78So that's why Moonshots exists to find start-ups, to introduce them to grown-up businesses that already exist, and to produce investable, global, scalable businesses. And why do we need grown-ups to meet start-ups? 


Because start-ups don't have capital? They don't have customers. They don't have credibility. But grown-up successful businesses do.


The Australian government runs a program that invites international entrepreneurs to apply for a visa to bring their startup business to Australia and grow it in Australia. That Visa Program offers a five-year visa with the opportunity to grow a successful business in SA.


At Moonshots, we’re fortunate that the South Australian Government has chosen us to partner in the program and become one of five centres in Adelaide that provide the service in South Australian.


We help analyse businesses to find those that are innovative and disruptive. And we then invite them to apply to the South Australian government and then the Federal Government for a Visa. If they’re successful, we provide them with a place to work,  mentoring, access to the Founder Institute program, business connections, and we appoint a business in South Australia to be their mentor within their industry to work closely with them. 


Our aim is to bring the kind of entrepreneurs into Adelaide, who will not only grow their business but will grow employment, both locally and bring in the expertise and the skills that we lack in South Australia at the moment. Our aim is for them to grow a business here. And then we would take them with our landing pad program into Silicon Valley or into Singapore, wherever the market for that business is while keeping their factory  - their development team in Adelaide, and placing their market access and their access to investors in our Landing Pads. And at our Creative Hub at Robe, we will be running an aquaculture and AgTech hub.


With the mission to “Globalize Silicon Valley,” the Founder Institute launched in New York City in 2009 and has helped entrepreneurs launch hundreds of promising companies — “many of whom are some of the world’s fastest-growing startups,

One of the ways to measure an accelerator’s success is to analysse what benefits its graduates earn after graduation. This can come in the form of great networking and mentorship, funding, job creation, and whether or not that graduate company is still in existence. Since 2009, Founder Institute has helped develop thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

The mentors in our Adelaide-based program have a global focus, and many are located in other parts of the world, we’ve got mentors in our program in Silicon Valley, London, and Singapore. 

Our mentors are generally people who are “been there and doing it as entrepreneurs”. 

Over 14 weeks, we take participants through every stage of a business so that at the end, they have a data room that has all the information about the business that an investor might need. 

Every business we support MUST pass the tough Founder Institute program.



Funding, Facilities Expertise

Mud Crabs in a Warehouse


Pilot Project

Plan to install 2000 boxes in Adelaide and if successful then install 10000 boxes at Robe in 12-24 months. A  20 or 40 feet container modified with a kitchen will be added to the warehouse to cook the crab (Singapore Chilli Crab or Singapore Pepper crab) for delivery only. Robe will be turned into an Aquaculture precinct attached to a University.

Funds are required for the pilot project.

The operations are for South Australia only.

Hydroponic Farming in a 40ft.
Hi-top Container + Warehouse

image (12).png
image (10).png

Fully automated

Already set up in North Laverton Victoria.

South Australia: 

Planning to launch a pilot project in 3-5 Schools in South Australia to teach them Entrepreneurship.


Requested for $ 500000 funding from the State government  to kickstart the project.

Funds are required for the pilot project.

Cloud Kitchen in a Warehouse

image (5).png
image (6).png

Multiple cuisines in a warehouse with different kitchens (Indian, Chinese, Western, Thai, etc.)

Meals for International & University studentsMeals for Office workers4/5 Star meals  for families in the evening.

Ghilavi Green Farm


Ghilavi Green Farm will be the first saffron growing indoors company in Australia.


Saffron growing indoors will be innovative and profitable
The best quality of saffron will grow in Australia.

Ghilavi Green Farm will create a new Export Market and will make Australia one of the world’s saffron production hubs.

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