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Welcome to Pioneering Does Pay where we talk with the Business Pioneers who are opening up new areas of thought, research, or development.



One who ventures into unknown

Rather than the tradition Future Forward planning we look at how all of our guests developed clarity about the future 5 – 10 years away to deliver the unmet and as yet unknown needs of their clients.

 Future Back Thinking


Our first guest Simon Arkell spans the eras having been a marketing intern at Neller Software in the 90s, who went on the raise $100 mill to fuel various start up businesses in the USA using tools like AI and ML to provide the solutions we will all rely on well into our future.


Let's see how Pioneering is paying off for Simon and his team.

Microphone Close-Up

In Episode 2 we talk with the CoFounder Simon's new owner Paradigm - Milind Kamkolkar.

Milind another ex pat Aussie who has lived in the USA for more than 30 years recently raised $225 Mill with a great story written on a napkin and followed up with a couple of text messages.

Milind talks about how he believes he wasted 20 years getting attention ... and now why its all about his Legacy

Milind compares business and risk taking in the US to the conservative nature of business in Australia

We will hear how and why Milind raised $225 million and used some of it to acquire Simons Deep Lens.

In Episode 2 Milind Kamkolkar joins the conversation.

He is as seasoned executive with 20+ years of experience across Startup, Consulting and Fortune 500 enterprises Milind has Deep Experience in Strategy & Innovation, Operations & P&L Growth. He is focused on equitable access to Health, Medicine, Education & Nutrition and an advocate for Global Sustainability & Neurodiversity

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