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As the Father of the American Steel Industry, the world’s first Billionaire and possibly the biggest Philanthropist of all times Andrew Carnegie was viewed as a Pioneer – one of the men who built America in the 1870s.

He is also well known for his quote "Pioneering Don’t Pay" - which seems odd as he was viewed as a Pioneer. So why say that – well it’s because he didn’t believe he Pioneered - he Perfected – which indeed is what most Innovation is.

Carnegie took a process developed in the UK by Lord Bessemer to produce steel and turned it into a mass scale commercial process.

In the technology age there are numerous Pioneers as they fit the definition well



The Story of the first 50 years
of the Australian Software Industry 

John Neller, who built a Business Software company in the very early days, was indeed a Pioneer.  Some years ago, he wrote a book titled All Systems Go, which not only told his story of those days but features many others who were forging business into an unknown future at the same time.

The book is now available as an eBook called Pioneering Does Pay

Conversations with the Business Pioneers of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

In this video podcast we talk to some of the Pioneers who feature in the book. But we also chat with Present and Future Pioneers about what motivates and inspires them.

And they provide heaps of lessons for all looking to build a business

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