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Imagine a world without computers, the internet, email, barcodes and Smartphones... business and personal life as we know it today would literally grind to a halt – and it’s only around 50 years or so ago that computers were even invented!!

In the 1960’s Australian business was populated by a handful of huge mainframe computers  used only in Government, large banks and insurance companies, but smaller and affordable (midrange) computers started to hit the market around the time Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969.

Enter the software entrepreneurs: in the 70’s and 80’s a small number of intrepid risk-takers put everything on the line to create repeatable software applications (packages) to bring the new-fangled computers to life to feed the rapidly growing and hungry SME business market.



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Connecting Dots
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John Neller
Software Industry Pioneer Author - Pioneering Does Pay

‘I conceived this book because a vital pioneering period in Australia’s exciting software history was rapidly disappearing into the quicksands of time and desperately needed to be put on permanent record for future generations.’

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Len Rust 
Executive Director, Dialog Technology Management & Computer Industry Analyst

‘The deeper I delved into the personal stories in Pioneering Does Pay the more amazed I was by the adversity and challenges faced by these courageous individuals and their organizations.’


Leila Henderson
Fellow of the New Ventures Institute Flinders University, Tech Entrepreneur

‘As an IT Journalist for The Australian, I knew John Neller well as one of the first generation of modern IT entrepreneurs, known and respected throughout the industry. His book captures the dynamic early days of computing history and shows that today's entrepreneurs truly are standing on the shoulders of giants.’

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Rick Carter
Ringmaster at Moonshots Innervation 
Director Founder Institute

‘Pioneering Does Pay tells a long-overdue story. It's a story of Resilience, true vision and leadership - qualities that are perhaps even more important in entrepreneurs today than they ever have been.’

Pioneering Does Pay is a beautifully presented must-read work for anyone wanting to learn how the pioneers bridged the huge software gap from mainframe to midrange to personal computer to smartphone in only 50 years – literally a blink of the eye in the context of history.

This 240 page book traces the evolution of the Australian software package industry, providing older readers with a veritable feast of nostalgia while demonstrating to younger readers that anything is possible.

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