Helping Businesses of the Present understand the Future

.......and Businesses of the Future understand the Present


and Helping YOU Experience Post Traumatic Growth and Understand why CANCER is an Opportunity and 

ReImagine Your Life,



 I have worked with Olympic Athletes as well as a variety of organisations (new and established, for profit or for purpose) in a variety of  industries for many years, helping them develop the strategies, tools and tactics for ongoing sustainable success. 

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, I’ll provide you with individual and personal sound advice and guidance every step of the way.

This could be in the form of a very productive one on one hour long meeting every week, fortnight or month to make sure your business is moving in the right direction.

Take a look around and see what I can do for you today leveraging my broad and lengthy experience.


STARING CANCER DOWN -  Post Traumatic Growth


From tackling personal decisions to reaching important milestones, my job is to guide you on the path of success. 

To be a business leader (AKA CEO, MD, Owner, Boss etc) can be a lonely and challenging place without the right support.

With Technology, Digital Transformation and Innovation vital to your business success, the depth and breadth of skills and trusted advisors you need  has never been so great.

So enter the RingMaster. The person who knows what the organisation is all about ... knows all of the people inside and outside the business and above all knows what the customers want.

At the Circus some want the clowns and others want the big cats while others want the glamour of the trapeze. And the customers range from toddlers to grand parents. It is up to the RingMaster to make sure everyone gets the experience they paid for.

Aiming to get the best out of each individual and at the end of the show bring them together in harmony for one dazzling Grand Parade.

The Ring Master doesn't care about titles only about talents and above all the customer experience.

Every Business needs a RingMaster .... become  yours with my support now.

After ignoring all the signs and symptoms for years ... I am a bloke afterall....  I was surprisingly diagnosed with very advanced (10 out of 10 on the Gleason Scale) case of Prostate Cancer in February 2019.

After all the initial tears and fears and sharing with loved ones ... and thinking woe is me why me etc etc ... I decided I always wanted to have Cancer Survivor on my resume ...and this has become my mantra whenever people start to feel sorry for me.  And lead me to this very public journey where I hope that I can help others as I learn!!

I have recently upgraded my ambition you do... and now plan to be a

Cancer Thriver.

I decided to make my services available beyond the Incubators and Unis because -

There are many life coaches, mentors, motivators etc that will tell you about all the things you can learn from Olympic Athletes and /or successful Entrepreneurs. Mostly things they have read in books or watched on TV.

While I have been very fortunate to have had decades of hands on up close and personal experience - working with people living on the edge - Olymic Medallists, World Champions and successful Entrepreneurs and Media Personalities.

Imagine working hard as a professional athlete day after day - 7 days a week for 4 years focussed on nothing but winning an Olympic Gold Medal and then on the day it doesn't go your way and you miss on a medal by a millimetre!!!

How do you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do it all over again?

If you want to know how and how to drive ahead I think I can help you working very cost effectively and quickly - Impatience is a virtue so lets get on with it now!!

Darryl Panes
As Good As Gold Australia

"He is a man with a wealth of experience in life matters and brings this to the table, providing good instruction and practical advice in an engaging manner."


Where are you and where are you going?

Before we can  analyse, confront, and solve your business problems we need to work out where you are and where you are going. I provide customised education solutions to all of my clients, which are extremely results-oriente. Before I work with you through the entire decision-making process it is important that you understand the latest trends, tools and technologies for success.


Applying Creative Thinking to Business Problems

Finding the best ideas to solve real business problems is the key to future growth.
I work closely with experts in the field and utilise their services to ensure my clients look critically at their market, the business and potential disruptors to find the best approach to growth and profitability.


Implementing plans for futuregrowth

Knowledge, Ideas and Plans are not enough to underpin your future value until they are turned into real world solutions.  
To do this it is important to develop plans into actions - 
This can include identifying the people, tactics, tools and technologies needed.
Re-imagining your business based on emerging trends (Sharing Economy, Digital Transformation) and Technologies (Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain etc)

I have worked with and for entrepreneurs and innovators most of my working life building National and Multi-National Businesses and along the way  coached, managed and mentored World Champions and Olympic Medallists in Track and Field. 


After a lengthy career in Technology, Sales and Marketing, Media and Communications I now am focussing on helping people looking to develop Disruptive Innovation in their business.


My key interest and focus now is on The Future of Work and The Sharing/Collaborative/Trust economy.  In particular  helping people understand the outcomes of the latest business and technology trends (eg Blockchain and AI) and utilise them in existing and new businesses.


Helping people develop their creative and critical thinking skills along with problem solving capacity ( e.g. Selling Skills) along with other cognitive, social and behavioural knowledge to encourage people to work with robots (e.g. Artificial Intelligence) rather than be replaced by them (Automation) is my aim.

If it weren't for Rick I would not have created @ezypayroll. He created the vision and pathway enabling me joining the Neller team in late 1998, which ultimately created the basis for the business we have today. He has been a good friend and mentor ever since. Rick has a unique insight in Australia's role as a provider of technology and content for the Globe particularly in the Asian markets. A marketing visionary. I wish him every success.

Andrew Andrews

In the crazy world of PR and marketing its hard to find a sane voice in a sea of indifference. If you are looking for cutting edge and future thinking then Rick and his team are who you are looking for. One thing you will come to learn about Rick is that he is always looking, testing and proving new ways to market. You can rest easy knowing that he is always ahead of the curve and leading the pack.

Dr Patrick Porter

  • As part of the Australian French Entrepreneurship Challenge, I attended the finance workshop conducted by Rick and found it very useful. The lessons from his workshop was the key resaon our team's profit and loss statement looked great at the end. Though it was a 4 am workshop, he was still happy to take questions after the workshop. I gained valuable insights from Rick about the finance and markteing functions of business.

Swarna Lekha Vijayaraj

Colin Pearce - Business Story Telling Expert

"Rick and I have worked on, and are working on, a number of projects together.
Quite simply, he has amassed more information than anyone else I know about Innovation and Digital Marketing; yet he can eschew the rubbish and break it down to the clear facts very quickly.
Any business dabbling should stop dabbling and call Rick."

Every business needs a Ringmaster

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