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The Art of Healing

"All warfare is based on deception." - Sun Tzu*

In this book, we'll embark on a journey to uncover a subtle but profound aspect of our struggle against cancer—the rhetoric of battle. It's a theme deeply rooted in our language and our approach to this formidable opponent. But as Sun Tzu wisely noted, "All warfare is based on deception," and sometimes, the way we frame a challenge can deceive us into a mindset that isn't conducive to healing.

**The Metaphor of Battle**

Think about it. We often hear cancer described as a battle, a fight, or even a war. We say, "I'm fighting cancer" or "She's a cancer survivor." While these phrases may seem innocuous, they carry significant weight. They shape our perception of what it means to have cancer and how we approach its treatment.

The Power of Perception

As we navigate the complexities of cancer, it's crucial to recognize that our perception shapes our reality. Sun Tzu reminds us that deception is a cornerstone of warfare. In this context, it's essential to be aware of how our framing of cancer can be deceptive, leading us down a path of mental and emotional distress.

A New Perspective

So, as you read this book,  remember that while we're engaged in a battle, it's not solely a battle. It's a challenge that calls for wisdom, strategy, and resilience. We'll explore new ways to perceive and approach this challenge, borrowing from Sun Tzu's timeless wisdom.

But first, let's acknowledge the harmful effects of the battle rhetoric, because only by recognising the deception can we begin to change the narrative. Together, let's shift our perspective and find a more balanced, empowering way to face this adversary called cancer.

Living Boldly with Cancer

When it comes to life's trials and tribulations, there are few adversaries as daunting and fearsome as a Stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis. It's a moment that can leave one feeling adrift in a turbulent sea of emotions and decisions, desperately seeking a lifeline to navigate the treacherous waters ahead. In my own life, this diagnosis served as the catalyst for a profound transformation, an unexpected journey of resilience, empowerment, and self-discovery. In "Living Boldly with Cancer," I share my deeply personal experience, not as a tale of suffering, but as a testament to the human spirit's incredible capacity to rise above adversity.

The Heart of the Storm

The moment of diagnosis is a seismic event in one's life. It's a moment that divides life into two distinct epochs: before and after. For me, it was a stark awakening, a confrontation with the fragility of existence. The initial shock, fear, and uncertainty felt like a tempest of emotions, threatening to consume me entirely. The weight of the situation was unbearable, but I knew that I couldn't surrender to despair. I needed something to anchor me in this tumultuous sea.

The Ringmaster's Guide to Making Hard Choices

As if guided by fate, I developed a 7-step framework which I have called n as the Ringmaster's Guide to Making The Hard Decisions. This guide, which had been developed to help individuals confront life's most difficult decisions, became my North Star. It provided structure, clarity, and a sense of purpose at a time when my world seemed to be unraveling.


The Ringmaster's Guide

Life, in all its unpredictable beauty, often presents us with choices at junctures we least expect. These moments define us, test us, and more importantly, shape the trajectory of our lives. For many, these moments arrive with a weight of uncertainty, often coloured by our innate human desire to seek counsel, to listen to those deemed more knowledgeable. But what happens when that counsel doesn’t resonate with our gut feeling? When every external voice points one way, but something within whispers another? 

The story you are about to embark on isn’t just about making hard decisions; it's about the empowerment that comes from understanding that there's a method to navigate these daunting crossroads, even when faced with life’s most dire challenges.

When I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, my world tilted. Time, once a luxury, turned into a scarce resource. Recommendations poured in from every direction. Experts advised, research suggested, but where did that leave me, the person whose life was hanging in the balance?

Drawing upon my years in the business world, I found that I had a reservoir of strategies, methods, and frameworks. These weren't just tools for forecasting sales or setting up schedules. They became the lifeline that helped me chart my own course through the most challenging storm of my life.

This is a methodology forged in the fires of personal experience, designed to assist anyone at their crossroads. It doesn’t advocate for one path over another but empowers you to carve your own, armed with research, intuition, and a deep understanding of self.

If you, or someone you know, stands at such a crossroad, uncertain and seeking clarity, let this be your guide. A beacon that doesn't just light up the well-trodden path, but illuminates the uncharted ones, leading to decisions you can truly own.

As you turn the pages, remember that every decision, no matter how monumental, begins with a single step, taken with conviction and heart. Let’s take that step together.

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